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Graduation Apparel

Graduation Apparel

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Looking to showcase your graduate?! Order a "Proud Family Shirt." This design can be done in any color, add pictures of your graduate, display any name of the family member, friend, and etc. Please add this information in the Customer Notes Section. You will also be able to upload your pictures when ordering. 

Our Best Selling Senior Skirt Set! Can be made to match your school colors 📚

Available in all sizes for your…
✨Pre-K/Kinder/8th grad graduate! 🖍
✨Senior graduate! ✒️
✨Birthdays 🎂

*Please ensure you choose and/or add in the Customer Notes section, the following information when ordering item(s) from the Senior Skirt Set:
 1. School Name
2. Sweatshirt Color (Please specify if there is a chance colors may be mixed up, for example royal blue and navy blue)
3. Skirt Color
4. Wording for Pleats (if requested). If you do not send the wording for pleats, we will assume that you want a blank skirt.
5. Year of Graduation 


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